3 False Beliefs Related To Field Force Management

Field force management solutions are a complete package for companies to organize and streamline their promoters and field activities. It helps maintaining a track of tasks such as scheduling, reporting etc. But even today there are certain false beliefs associated with mobile workforce management, which prevent companies from using these solutions. Although these solutions when used, help in booming the functionality and efficiency of the business.

Here are a few myths associated with field force management:

Field force management solution is expensive

Many business do not use these solutions, as the bosses think that the automation is very costly, however considering the increase in efficiency of field promoters and increase in ROI caused by these solutions is way more than it’s affordability. Furthermore, each solution is customized according to the needs of the brand making it simple and cost effective.

Implementation of field force management solution takes time

This yet again is another common myth, as with the solution that caters the requirements of the business, its implementation becomes simple, and the implementation usually takes around two weeks' time at most. With the help provided by the software provider and proper execution of the software, there are less chances of error and the software runs smoothly.

Field force management solution is difficult to use

The decision makers in businesses believe that it is hard to fully automate the manual process of managing field force because training the staff how to use such a software will result in chaos. This is the worst case scenario that they could possibly think of as they don’t know that the implementation can be very easy and according to the structure and style of their traditional paper based field force managing process.

With all these myths, it becomes almost impossible to rely on a field force management software and makes it seem unnecessary, although with the growing competition among brands there is a need of smooth and swift running of field tasks which can only be achieved by using the above mentioned solutions. This need can be fulfilled if the field force management system is fully automated and it provides real time data sharing option. So after these myths have been unravelled, what is the wait for? MobileOne Technology offers such field force management solutions that will optimize the operation of your business and build a strong mobile work force.

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