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The Growing Demand of Mobile Workforce

Today’s offices are somehow different than before. The cubicle walls are removed and replaced by the best open floor plan. Tablets, laptops and cell phones are also now among the most essential tools used in the digital workplace...

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Field Activity Management: The Reasons of Considering It

What do you most understand about field activity management? In simplest explanation, it is the art of reacting to and managing all essential business parts that operate outside the central office...

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Field Force Manager Time Management and Schedule

An ordinary field force manager is required to carry out several responsibilities each day. Whether he or she manages representatives, customers and internal members, there is no doubt that their job is very dynamic, demanding and complex too...

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Supervising Mobile Workers without the Use of Micromanaging

Managers who usually supervise their mobile workers experience different challenges as compared to managers who supervise their employees in the office. Managers of mobile workers are not given the chance of going out and having the time of catching up with their employees...

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