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With an increasingly mobile workforce and complex workflows, our application suites perform as standalone platforms or integrated as unified solutions to seamlessly empower your organisation with mobility and intelligent solutions to enhance work processes and functions.

Empower your sales and support resources

Sense of Empowerment
Sense of Empowerment
Higher Productivity
optimise resource
Optimise Resources
field force management

Field Force Management

mForce-FFM is a powerful mobile field force management solution that enables businesses to stay connected with their merchandisers and promoters in real-time. The platform comes with a range of features that make it easy to streamline field force management, including store visitation planning, tracking and monitoring of merchandiser store visitation, and the ability to capture field data digitally. This means that your merchandisers can easily capture merchandising photos, track out-of-stock items, monitor pricing, and take stock counts, all while on the go.

In addition to its powerful data capture capabilities, mForce-FFM also provides ease of mass communication with your field team, allowing you to send messages and alerts directly to their mobile devices. And with real-time reporting and a management dashboard, you'll always be up-to-date with the latest developments.

Key features

store visitation planning
Store visitation planning
tracking and monitoring of merchandiser store visitation
Tracking and monitoring of merchandiser store visitation
digital capture of field data with supporting photos
Digital capture of field data with supporting photos
ease of mass communication with the field team
Ease of mass communication with the field team
real time reporting and management dashboard
Real-time reporting and management dashboard
improved work efficiency
Improved work efficiency
enhanced market visibility
Enhanced market visibility
greater accountability and transparency
Greater accountability and transparency
retail field audit

Retail Field Audit

mForce-RFA is a comprehensive retail audit solution that empowers organizations to collect and analyze data on the performance of their retail stores or outlets. With mForce-RFA, businesses can identify areas for improvement in key areas such as merchandising, sales, and customer experience, and take actionable steps to optimize their operations especially in promotion activation. The solution's enterprise mobile capabilities enable retail auditors to easily collect and transmit data in real-time, while the system's advanced analytics and reporting features provide valuable insights into retail performance. This allows organizations to make data-driven decisions to improve retail productivity, increase sales, and enhance the overall customer experience.

Key features

mobile accessibility
Mobile accessibility
data collection forms
Data collection forms
real time data synchronization
Real-time data synchronization
image capture and upload
Image capture and upload
customizable checklists
Customizable checklists
compliance tracking
Compliance tracking
performance benchmarking
Performance benchmarking
gps tracking
GPS tracking
offline data collection
Offline data collection
Analytics and reporting
Analytics and dashboards
sales force automation

Sales Force Automation

mForce-SFA is an enterprise mobile sales force management solution designed to enhance sales productivity. It enables organizations to engage more closely with their field force in real-time while having data available on-the-go. This mobile connectivity fosters better collaboration and productivity, equipping managers with accurate and timely information to make informed critical decisions. mForce-SFA eliminates the necessary (but time-consuming) tasks associated with selling, freeing up sales professionals from tedious, repetitive behind-the-scenes work.
Its full range of features help sales teams improve their productivity. The mobile accessibility and offline data access features enable reps to access crucial information and complete tasks while on the go. The system's order management functionality streamlines the sales process, and its analytics and reporting capabilities provide managers with valuable insights to make data-driven decisions and improve sales productivity.

Key features

route mapping
Route mapping
sales forecasting
Sales Forecasting
Order processingt
Order Management
customer management
Customer Management
sales analytics reporting
Sales Analytics / Reporting
sales performance management
Sales Performance Management
mobile connectivity
Mobile Connectivity and Collaboration
real time data availability
Real-Time Data Availability.

Manage your trade and channel activities efficiently

Better Organisation
More efficient Processes
Higher Satisfaction
trade promotion management

Trade Promotion Management System

mTrade Trade Promotion System is an advanced solution that helps businesses manage their trade promotion activities more efficiently. The system includes a range of powerful features and functions that enable organizations to streamline their trade promotion processes, reduce costs, and improve overall performance.

With mTrade's post mortem analytics, businesses can gain valuable insights into their trade promotion activities and identify areas for improvement. The system's advanced analytics capabilities allow users to analyze data from multiple sources and generate customized reports that provide deep insights into their trade promotion performance.

Overall, mTrade Trade Promotion System is a powerful and flexible solution that can help businesses of all sizes manage their trade promotion activities more effectively, while reducing costs and improving overall performance

Key features

planning and budgeting
Planning and budgeting
trade spend requisition
Trade spend requisition
claim processing
Claim processing and verification
analytics reporting
Analytics and reporting
promotion approval workflows
Promotion approval workflows
collaboration communication
Collaboration and communication
erp interface
ERP interface
trade term computation
Trade term computation
distribution management system

Distribution Management System (DMS)

mTrade DMS is a software solution that helps businesses optimize their distribution processes and improve their supply chain management.

Overall, a mTrade DMS is a critical tool for businesses looking to improve their distribution processes, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction. With its powerful features and functions, mTrade DMS can help businesses achieve their goals and stay competitive in today's fast-paced business environment.

Key features

trade term computation
Inventory management
Order processingt
Order processing
sales tracking
Sales tracking
route optimization
Route optimization
multi platform integration
Multi-platform integration
Analytics and reporting
Collaboration and communication
territory management
ERP interface
returns management
Trade term computation
purchase order management
Purchase order management
web accessibility
Web accessibility

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Harness the power of social and electronic commerce

Innovative Channels
sales prospects
Increases Sales Prospects
wider covearge
Wider Coverage
retail ordering

Retail Ordering Platform (retaillink)

mFLux Retail Ordering Platform, also known as RetailLink, is a B2B ecommerce ecosystem that empowers organizations to expand their retail network across the country without the need for large resources. It provides a sales ecosystem that promotes speed and convenience while enhancing the customer experience.

Key features

reach new customers efficiently
Reach new customers efficiently and handle low-volume orders with ease
receive all orders
Receive all orders directly from retailers
empower businesses
Empower businesses to do business with you more often, leading to increased sales and revenue
24 7
Enjoy 24/7 accessibility to the platform
review modify confirm
Review, modify, and confirm orders for processing in real-time
seamlessly export
Seamlessly export orders to ERP systems
social commerce

Social Commerce

mFlux Social Commerce is a revolutionary platform that is changing the way businesses approach sales and social marketing. This cutting-edge tool leverages the power of social media to help businesses of all sizes generate sales opportunities and increase revenue.

mFlux Social Commerce is designed to tap into the power of frontline resources by capitalizing on the pervasive social media presences of everyday people. Everyone has the potential to be an influencer, whether they are a professional in the industry or simply a person with a network of friends and family. mFlux Social Commerce recognizes this potential and helps users create meaningful D2C sales opportunities from their existing network of connections.

For every sale generated through the platform, users earn a commission, creating a mutually beneficial relationship between businesses and their supporters. This gives users a financial stake in the success of the businesses they support, incentivizing them to promote products and services that they truly believe in.

In short, mFlux Social Commerce is a game-changing platform that empowers everyday people to become salespeople in their own right. By tapping into the power of social media and leveraging the influence of everyday people, businesses can generate sales opportunities that were once out of reach. If you're looking to increase revenue and tap the power of online promotion, then mFlux Social Commerce is the platform for you.

Key features

user friendly
User-friendly interface
customizable page
Customizable page
curated product
Curated product selection
affiliate tracking
Affiliate tracking and reporting
marketing materials
Marketing materials
seamless integration
Seamless integration with social media
analytics and insights
Analytics and insights
customer service
Customer service support

Work with insightful information and automation

Higher Productivity
Lower Costs
Better Accuracy
artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

mSmart is an AI based tool capable of image recognition deployed to recognise and interpret images of products on store shelves. Using advanced algorithms, image recognition AI can identify individual products, read their labels, and extract relevant data such as product name, brand, and price. This technology is particularly useful for retailers who need to quickly and accurately track inventory, monitor stock levels, and ensure that shelves are properly stocked with the right products.

mSmart AI recognition technology is also deployed for form recognition in the capture and analysis of orders. Used in tandem with Robotic Processing Automation (RPA), you can further streamline the ordering process to ensure higher accuracy, scalability and reduced processing time to save costs and enhance business performance.

Key features

retail shelf recognition
Retail shelf recognition
label reading
Label reading
inventory management
Inventory management
share of shelf
Share of shelf
data analysis
Data analysis
out of stock detection
Out of stock detection
planogram compliance
Planogram Compliance
form recognition
Form recognition

Artificial Intelligence

Robotic Processing Automation (RPA) is an AI-based technology that automates repetitive and rule-based tasks, freeing employees to focus on more strategic activities.

RPA is a versatile and scalable tool that ensure businesses helps their digital workforce stay competitive by improving efficiency, accuracy, and productivity, while reducing costs and errors.

Key features

data entry
Data entry
invoice processing
Invoice processing
sales order processing
Sales order processing
lower error
Lower error rates
standardized workflow
Standardized workflow
straight through
"Straight through" processing
codeless automation
Codeless automation
Analytics and reporting
Improved analytics
increased customer
Increased customer satisfaction
cost reduction
Cost reduction
productivity increase
Productivity increase
virtual workforce 24 7
Virtual workforce 24/7
seamlessly export
Versatility in application across different industries
business intelligence

Business Intelligence

mSmart BI is a powerful front-end BI analysis tool for business users with advanced data analysis tools and techniques to transform raw data into actionable insights that inform business decisions and improve performance. This technology includes a range of features and functions such as data integration, warehousing, analysis, visualization, reporting, performance management, and collaboration.

mSmart BI enables businesses to make data-driven decisions. With its ability to transform raw data into actionable insights, BI systems help organizations to stay competitive in today's fast-paced business environment by providing insights into consumer behavior, sales trends, and other analytic reporting.

Key features

Business Performance Dashboard
Intuitive, Easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface
analytics reporting
Increases productivity while reducing dependence on IT resources
access wide
Access a wide variety of data sources and data warehouses
Highly secure
Fast performance
Analytics and reporting
Advanced analytics
Advanced Visualization
Easily scalable and manageable

Customised Solutions and Services

We design and develop customised solutions and provide outsource services that cater to your organisations’ unique requirements.