In field operations, mobility is of extreme importance as it enables an easy workflow of the promoters and delivers real time information to the merchandisers. Switching to an automated mobile workforce management system will result in cost and time efficient scheduling and routing.

It will reduce the damage caused by non-supervision of and untracked field activities. Therefore, it is the need of the hour to have a field service management software. Investing in reliable business solutions can boost the service of a company and maximize opportunities for revenue generation. Here are a few reasons as to why you should use field force management solutions.


Field force management solution provides connectivity between the field workers and their bosses, this helps in guiding them through, proper work allocation and channelization and it results in a more productive and successful conduction of field tasks.


With connectivity comes access to more information and it is through the process of automation that helps in locating and placing that information in a timely and cost effective manner. Automation enables both the field workers and the upper management to access all the data that they require, through this the upper management can make data driven decisions and it opens new prospects of success.


This is the most important factor, as without the provision and collection of necessary data, connectivity and automation are of no use. Companies need the data from field so that they can provide technicians with quality information, moreover the business analytics that a field force management solution provides allows companies to understand the problems with customers and devise ways for solving them. This enables companies to provide effective and immediate services based on the data collected through the solution in real time.

Through the use of mobile phones, companies not only set up technicians with devices but ensure provision of information that is needed in real time to make quick decisions and for resolving issues. By using MobileOne Technology’s field force management solutions, the companies will be able to create mobile and data driven field service operations. To get in touch with us email us at: We are looking forward to helping your businesses reach the top.

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