Mobile technologies are revolutionizing workplaces at an incredible rate. It helps promoters streamline their field tasks. Through these technologies companies are deploying new strategies for using mobile devices to improve the efficiency of its operations. The new era of technology is being embraced by companies all over the world, according to field service management statistics, by 2022 the global field service market will account for $4.45 billion. This indicates that mobile workforce solutions are indeed helping brands organize their promoters in field.

Ways in which mobile workforce solutions are shaping the ‘Scheduling Process’:


Through an automated service scheduling software, the management of employees by the higher authorities is coming to an ease. This solution helps choose a promoter for a particular field location, so the machine takes into consideration the feasibility and expertise level of the promoter while selecting a particular location and task for him making the whole process more efficient.


Mobile work order management service helps the managers keep a record of all the field activities and helps the promoters keep a track of their work such as invoicing, staffing etc.


Mobilization gives field promoters the benefit of tracking the stock of product in multiple stores/ locations and report the condition to their managers on immediate basis. They can take pictures, upload the data on the application to which the managers have access.

With these aspects of scheduling in the area of field force management, the operations and conducting and executing field tasks becomes more organized and refined. MobileOne technology provides such mobile workforce management solutions that have the above mentioned aspects and features, to get more information about our business solutions email us at:, we will get in touch with you at the earliest.

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