It is a universal fact that pharmaceutical companies work on a global scale but they face quite some challenges in their daily operations which influence their profitability, sustenance, growth etc. However the most challenging task they face is managing their sales force. These companies are required to have a large sales team and managing them is not easy. In addition to that, there is a need to optimize the resources allocated to the sales team so that it leads to a growth in revenues. For this the pharma companies need a proper sales force automation system.

Medical Enterprises also need to put behind the old marketing and sales approach and adopt SFA in the cloud to restratergize their sale processes. Medical representatives are the backbone of medical companies, so a mobile workforce software will help them communicate with doctors, pharmacies, to help the company’s products get across providing it enough data to for future decision making and will track their daily sales tasks. 

It is a mobile version of sale operations to maintain the data integrity, updating the move, tracking the appointments, processing orders, managing contacts, monitoring inventory, sampling products and analytics to forecast future sales etc. thus helping the sales and management teams to target, prepare and execute a proper business plan. It also unifies the data pyramid unifying the sales data, tracking location specific sales and end to end sale tracking. This results in enhanced sales, improved profits and improved brand share of the company providing speed and nimbleness to the operation of sale in order for the company to make data driven decisions and compete within the market.



This software enables the sales coach to track the daily sales tasks performed by the reps, helping the company to keep at hand a proper record of medical representatives when they are in the field. This feature helps the company to devise effective marketing strategies by reducing the administrative work involved in filing the reports and provides data in real time.


The mobile workforce management software helps the pharmaceutical companies manage appointments with the doctors so the meetings scheduled between the medical reps and doctors are tracked by the company as this software keeps a record of the status of the meetings in real time.

It also allows the companies to categorize the doctors in accordance to their expertise and assists the medical representatives to plan their visits accordingly. Festive offers for the doctors are also updated to the software through MR reporting, helping the reps improve their rapport with the doctors.


This software allows the companies to keep a record of the expenses in terms of transport allowance etc. that are needed by the medical representatives to perform their daily sales tasks, thus helping them keep a proper balance and check on the financial allocations and expenditures, enabling the company to access all the details of the costs incurred by the reps and easily detect if they are submitting the bills.



Our customized mobile workforce management software for medical representatives allows companies to keep a record of samples, enabling them to keep a track of distributed and pending samples thus easing out their sampling process.


Medical Representatives assigned at any location submit their monthly sales report to the upper management on regular basis, this helps the pharmaceutical companies to get updated with the status of each rep keeping the sales record at hand.

The rate at which new pharmaceutical companies are emerging in the market calls for action among the existing companies to stay updated in the competitive environment, to support these companies and help them survive the competition Mobile One Technology has designed a Mobile Workforce Management Software titled ‘MFORCE’ and ‘MFORCE LITE’.

It is a complete tailor made solution for pharmaceuticals that can be customized according to the needs of each. It is used to automate the task of sales, including order processing, contact management, information sharing, inventory management and control tracking and reaps all the above mentioned benefits. By using our Mobile Workforce Management Software Tool, the pharmaceutical company is able to create a better customer experience, as it increases sales productivity and ROI, thus it is an all in one software for sales tracking and management suited for pharmaceutical industry.

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