The management system in today’s world faces the challenge of accomplishing more with less. Sales team is expected to conduct daily tasks according to the standards with less resources. Their bosses require them to perform all the field operations maintaining a high level of service quality, so in order to cope up with these challenges it is required that the management service uses an automated system instead of relying on outdated manual, paper based processes. They need a proper automated system that:

  1. Throttles productivity, reducing the costs.
  2. Provides actionable data to meet regulatory standards.
  3. Helps the employees perform accurate and detailed inspections to keep assets functioning.
  4. Can quickly call the entire team to action to solve emergencies, service issues etc.

Here are some factors to consider, for choosing the right mobile solution for workforce management:


This means that a company does not have to change the entire system while incorporating a mobile solution, as this software can be adjusted according to the company needs.


The software chosen by a company for mobile field service should not take a long time for implementation and execution in the company, it should be up and running in a few days rather than months thus delivering a faster return on investment.


A mobile solution needs to be user friendly, the more simple and easy to use it is, the more likely is it to get adopted by the users.


Field mobility is about anytime and anywhere so a mobile solution should be able to provide access to information to the users.

Mobile One Technology offers multiple mobile solutions for workforce management that have the above mentioned features and that provide the above mentioned benefits. They can be tailored according to the requirements of brands. MFORCE helps overcome the challenges and elevates service quality. It provides all the above mentioned features and is an easy to use mobile solution, especially designed to improve the working of field workers.

It is a sophisticated mobile solution coupled with an intuitive analytics platform that enables a company to track all aspects of services performed in the field, helping it get a better return on investment with minimum expenditure.

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