An ordinary field force manager is required to carry out several responsibilities each day. Whether he or she manages representatives, customers and internal members, there is no doubt that their job is very dynamic, demanding and complex too. There are times that they need to get things done as soon as possible. They need to submit a lot of data. Hence, they don’t have enough time to do everything at all.

Time management and prioritizing the right kind of activity for the day are essential in obtaining a successful career as a field force manager. These will help you become successful as a manager.


Most of the field force managers spend their day in particular core management task and activities. The activity will usually include planning, performance management, deploying, market and selling development and a lot more.

Field force managers who spend less then seventy percent of their time with core management task and activities would usually obtain a decline in sales and poor ability in achieving growth and success. This is the reason why field force managers need to spend a lot of time to core management task and activities. The purpose is to ensure that the growth and development of their company will be achieved.

Across all necessary measures, field force managers choose to spend their day more on core activities over administration. This is due to the fact that they want to focus more on the market and selling development of their projects. They also want to manage the best performance of their workers and obtain the best sales planning to the progress and success of their businesses. Apart from that, spending their day with core activities gives them the chance to deploy the best and most suitable staff on their field of work.


Despite the fact that field force managers spend their days more on core activities, they only have a little time in tackling more of their administrative activities. Even if the time spent on administrative activity is not as high as the core activities, this is still part of their responsibilities.

An administrative activity of field force manager is more focused on tracking and knowing more about the activities in a company. One actually concentrates further on the mobile workforce that continues to work.


If you want to be successful in becoming a field force manager of your company, then you need to determine how to spend your day wisely. You need to make use of the best approach and strategy on how to best balance and manage your time in doing all activities and tasks.

You need to choose for the best strategy on how to spend time equally in all activities in the company. The best place to start maximizing your efficiency as field force manager efficiency is to research and use the best tools for you to spend time properly and wisely. Apart from that, you can also make use of mobile workforce management system or mForce since it’s one of the best strategies towards the best time management of field force manager.

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