It goes without arguing that to sell more consumer centric products you have to create more selling opportunities in field. Here are some of the ways that you can deploy to increase ROI.


Promoters in field are able to engage in more customers if they have the updated information at hand. Through the field force management solution apps they can:

  • Access updated product information
  • Check for the availability of product
  • Check for the pricing details of the product


Promoters in field, through using field force management solutions are able to work more efficiently as the time saving functionality of such solutions help them save time in field and utilize their time in a more productive way. Time saving also helps them to focus more on the customers and close deals. So these applications help:

  • Reduce travel times with GPS access and route plans
  • Keep in and out store activities on track through guided execution
  • Speed up the stock checking process
  • Create cross sell opportunities based on upcoming promotions


With access to real time data field promoters are able to get perspective and through the data provided they are able to develop strategies to engage customers. With the correct mobile solution in hand they can:

  • Run real time sales and merchandising contests
  • Get the desired data

Optimizing sales means keeping a smooth data flow from office to field and vice versa. mobileOne Technology’s field force management solutions delivers all the functionalities that your enterprise needs. For more information, email us at

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