It is not something that can’t be achieved. Field service management helps companies automate their field operations so that their staff can be more productive on a daily basis and cut down on their unnecessary time and effort spent on manual paper work. This in turn will help the company flourish. So a mobile workforce can achieve higher productivity and less over time for employees which makes both the company and the staff satisfied.


It is a proven fact that manual paper work is not only time consuming but chances of error are also higher. Like scheduling, for example needs to take in account all factors before employee consideration, if not done correctly can lead to time wastage. So as opposed to this, field force management features such as automated scheduling helps maximize the productivity of field workers. It also minimizes the resource wastage in terms of selection of most suitable field locations for promoters according to their schedule and home locations. This keeps them happy and enables them to give their best.

Real time location tracking keeps the higher management updated about the movements and activities of promoters in field. So through this the merchandisers are satisfied with the work delivery of their promoters.


A field force management solution takes into account the skill of an employee before scheduling and allocating work orders, this factor is usually neglected in manual workforce management. A promoter assigned tasks that he likes to do or is good at will serve as a motivation for him to perform well and excel at his job. This in turn helps the company as when the employees are satisfied, the company will naturally prosper.


The field force management solution provides the field promoters with all the necessary and updated information at hand that is required for their field activities. It saves the time and effort done otherwise to collect that information. Field promoters can update inventory, issue invoices in real time.

The offline feature of field force management solution enables the promoters to make product entries regardless of internet availability and updating the database at the earliest. This information not only helps the company make important data base decisions but also facilitates other field workers as they can get the necessary information they need in real time, this eases the entire field force team.

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