In the competitive world of today, businesses are using user friendly technologies to increase their productivity and to survive. From using basic softwares such as Google Hangouts, Skype for communication to using field force management software for tracking the activities of promoters in field. The field force management software helps the enterprise streamline their field operations such as job scheduling, work orders, tracking the promoters in field. It provides data about the field activities, status of promoters in field, execution of tasks in real time to the higher management. The inventory management feature of this software enables the company to track their stock in field and help the promoters in providing good quality work.

Thus it is a web based software foe any business. Providing important field data anywhere and at any time, assisting the upper management in terms of assigning tasks, creating work orders, catering service requests from clients and it also improves team collaboration. Here are the basic features of a field force management software:

  1. Job Scheduling and Dispatch
  2. Work Order Management
  3. Stock Management
  4. Tracking the activities of field force
  5. 5. Real time updating of status of promoters

Field Force Management software for an enterprise helps store, track and organize the employee information of behavior, performance, activities and the product information in terms of stock outsourced into the field. Through the employee tracking feature, the locations of promoters are updated time to time, they report their time on job and travel time through their mobile devices. Thus the field force management software is a full service productivity package that is well suited for companies belonging to the FMCG group, Pharmaceutical industry, liquor sector, cosmetic brands etc. It can be customized according to the needs of any company.

MobileOne Technology provides field force management solutions titled mFORCE that can be tailored according to the needs of any company. To get in touch, kindly drop in an e-mail at: and one of our sales representatives will get back to you shortly.

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