Managers who usually supervise their mobile workers experience different challenges as compared to managers who supervise their employees in the office. Managers of mobile workers are not given the chance of going out and having the time of catching up with their employees.

Actually, managing your mobile team always requires a different strategy. This strategy is one that can strike an equal balance between trust and supervision. One of the best is the mobile workforce management system or mForcewhich can truly help your business to success.

Apart from that, here are some more of the best ways on how to supervise mobile workers without micromanaging:


Managers with mobile workers who have just recently graduated do not need to be afraid of keeping those employees. Nevertheless, it is essential to tailor the best management approach based on their experience level. Mobile workers with more experience and skills do not require supervision. You need to focus your attention on those mobile workers who are still new to the field.


One of the most frustrating experiences in changing or performing the same project is an unclear expectation and guideline. When you will assign a project to mobile workers, ensure that you will tell them exactly when you want it to be done This is just to make sure that your mobile workers will have a clear understanding of your expectations and intentions.


Physical distance that separates you from your employees demands an increase in communication that can overcome geographical disconnection. It is always based on your decision to convey exact information to your employees and how you will do it.

If you want to have an email update every day, you can tell your employees to do so. If you only want some updates after an important task they are asked to do, then tell them. Determine the best communication style that suits to your employees.


As a manager, you need to understand the cooperative behavior of your mobile workers. If you have those types of mobile workers who can work the independent way possible, it is rather essential for you not to challenge their ownership of work. The purpose is to prevent a decrease in the output and motivation. 

Show trust to your mobile workers who can work independently. You must also be clear with them and their responsibility in each task assigned to them. If you cannot easily scratch up with your mobile workers, you need to further enhance your supervision to them.


It is always important to check on your mobile workers constantly. Stick to a schedule that will not ruin their workflow. Impromptu checking may also lead to an impression that you do not trust your employees. Just be consistent with your checking schedule and how often you will have to do it.


Deliver some feedbacks based on the quality of the work of your mobile workers. Be truthful in giving them realistic feedbacks based on their performances. Try to correct some mistakes and try to give praises to mobile workers who show their best working performance.


To ensure that you have productive mobile workers, set deadlines in every project you ask them to do. Project deadlines and milestones will provide them an opportunity to get in touch with you every now and then.

These are just some of the simple yet effective ways on how to supervise mobile workers without micromanaging. Following these tips only leads to a progressive and good employee cooperation and engagement.

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