Field Service Automation is the process of streamlining the tasks performed in field, in order to make the field workers more productive and efficient. In technical terms, it is a software that consists of multiple components including work orders, customer data, inventory controlled through cloud service that is accessed by mobile devices while the workers are out in the field. Field Service Automation consists of multiple features that help the field force including:

  1. Managing and monitoring field technicians
  2. Scheduling and dispatching orders
  3. Location tracking
  4. Time tracking
  5. Knowledge repository
  6. Customer data
  7. Invoice processing

With these features, the productivity of both the managers and field workers gets enhanced as not only this but field force management incorporates improved scheduling and provision of data on real time basis from any device. Through this the managers can monitor the status of field workers. Through the picture feature, the workers can create a photographic documentation of the data, bringing in enormous savings of time and paper. Through the synchronization of the work process, network data, locations and statuses of mobile teams it is possible to determine optimal routes and effective task allocation by taking into account multiple factors such as skills, technical expertise, speed etc. All this leads to reduction of maintenance costs.

Thus Field Service Automation is an effective way to manage and control the activities conducted in the field. It is very beneficial for industries such as FMCG, F&B’s, Telecom sector etc. The field force management solution that MobileOne Technology provides is titled mFORCE. This mobile solution supports all complex business processes that are executed in the field and are carried out by the promoters, merchandisers, sales persons and field auditors. It builds the task list into an understandable and simple sequence to be executed one after the other, making it easier for the field workers.

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